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Our friend David N.in NC recommended YY to us. A very nice place, probably the most relaxing spot we've been to so far. The tours and activities at the this resort are many that we've already done, so lots of beach time, hammock tours and chil-axing. The healthy food menu has been excellent and I've made it five days without a cheeseburger. Tomorrow night or during the Super Bowl it will be on the menu.

We walked the beach the other day and stopped at the turtle rescue hatchery. While speaking with the volunteers we learned that they had one more release before a new season of egg planting begins. This month turtle will come a shore at night, bury their eggs and return to the sea. The volunteers watch the beach, rescue the eggs and bring them to hatchery were they are protected until they hatch. I think they said 45-60 days later. The day they hatch they're returned to the sea. One of the volunteers a young woman from Boulder, CO (another CO connection) is spending a year here before going to college at SDSU. Good for her.

What is interesting to me is that my brother John is volunteering his time in NC to stop the commercial gill net fisherman that are killing all the turtles along the coast of NC. NC is the only state on the eastern shore that permits gill net fishing along it's coastline. Here in CR volunteers are working 24/7 to protect the turtles from their natural enemies, CR poachers, and the giant commercial fishing ships that spread nets five miles wide across the oceans and take everything. When you eat canned tuna, you could be eating dolphin, turtle, etc. No politics here just an expression of concern. If you feel like donating to an organization that is fighting the gill net commercial fishing in NC and helping the group in CR go to www.asvocr.org/english. Click on the appropriate links. They are also on Facebook.

Today is our last day here at YY maybe a hike to a waterfall....

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Drop outs and Capitalists

counter-culture & beach weddings

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This little place of heaven, Ylang Ylang Resort, is about half a mile down the beach from Montezuma, CR. There are more dreads, tats, tie dyed rags, and body punctures than in a carnival phreak show. We are told that at night the burning of the ganja weed floats the whole town. There seems to be a collection of Ticos, college drop outs, burnouts, and temporary tourists living here. Not much to see or buy. However, we have to go there tomorrow to replenish our adult beverage supply and get a few room snacks.

The macaws and monkeys are all around our dome. We can hear the call of the macaws but they remain unseen in the tree tops. The monkeys on the other hand show up in the morning and around cocktail hour, entertaining us with their swinging and running through the trees. We spotted at white nosed coati yesterday, no picture yet. It looks like a house cat with a long white nose.

Yesterday afternoon there was a wedding on the beach, a young couple from Vermont. A beautiful sight, the resort really made a nice presentation for the newly weds. Shortly after the wedding a turtle rescue group released about 24 baby turtles back to the ocean. Costa Rica is working with volunteers and various wildlife organizations to help save the turtle population. There is a black market in CR for turtle eggs and many Ticos would rather sell the eggs than sustain life. The baby turtles released yesterday have a 1 to 1000 chance of making it to reproduce more eggs. Thank you to the volunteers.

And a special thank you to all of you that are taking the time to read our blog. We are averaging about 85 hits per day. Your interest inspires me and keeps my mind creative. The current photos are from cell phone, unable to download from my camera from here. The towel monkey is a creation of the room service crew, hanging from a fan cord. The other two are the pool view and a beach view from Ylang Ylang.

Todo Tuanis

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