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Tico Trots or Gringo Gallops

A view from the saddle

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Don´t let the title fool you. Yesterday we went horseback riding. The trip was to be a half day along the beach and into the hills/jungle around Drake Bay. A four hour trip turned into a 5.5 hour butt busting, knee cracking, back breaking ride. Six aspirins, three scotchs, and ice bags on my knees brought full recovering. Cowgirl Kryss sat tall in the saddle and loved every clop of the way. Jean was in the same boat I was and Big John, the smart guy, went fishing.

However, setting aside the pain, the scenery was beautiful, the local history colorful, and the company was great. Along the way we came across a burned out shrimp boat on the beach. It seems that the Chinese, owners of the boat, didn't pay the Costa Rican workers. So Tico justice went to work. The boat was run a ground, striped of useable material and set on fire.

Another interesting piece of Tico justice was discovered in the hills. A piece of property owned by an abscent American had some small wood shacks and corral built on it. Our guide said that any landowner that isn´t on his property and working it needs to be aware of squatters. This land had squatters living, building, and breeding on the land. If the owners don´t show up and kick the squatters off, the land becomes the squatters. Just a word to the wise.

Big John's fishing trip was very successful. He caught enough fish to feed everyone at the resort for dinner. Big John is the King Fisher! We had bonita sushi, amberjack steaks (not American amberjack for you fisherpeople) and Wahoo. An excellent dinner.

Pura Vida!

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