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More Whales, Hummingbirds and Lightning

More fun...

rain 78 °F

It's been about a week since we've had time to sit down and share our current adventure. However, one thing is for sure, the life experiences just keep coming. We've in the rainy season here in Panama. We are told by the locals that it really gets bad in October and November. We were walking back to our condo and without any warning, no lightning, thunder, sprinkles of rain, the clouds opened up and we were soaked. The drains were flooded, the freeway slowed to a crawl, and the splash back from rude drivers guaranteed us hot showers at home.
1007006_-_Copy.jpg 137_-_Copy.jpg

We had so much fun on the whale watching trip to the Pearl Islands we decided to go again. The day started beautifully and the boat ride out to the islands was uneventful. Just when the islands came into view on the horizon we saw our first whale. As we got closer we saw a mother and a calf and other whales cruising around the island. Again we had lunch on Contradora Island, saw a lot of hummingbirds, relaxed at the beach, walked around part of the island and then returned to our boat for the trip back to Panama City. As we were leaving the Pearl Islands a group of male whales were bumping and banging against each other to gain the attention of a female whale. They put on quiet a show, splashing in the water, using their pectoral fins to strike, splash and push each other. Then sky started to darken, the wind picked up, the seas became choppy and the captain put the pedal to the metal for the dash to Panama City. We didn't make it, rain, wind, lightning, rough seas; what a ride. Another guarantee for hot showers. I believe I'm a fair weather sailor.
167_-_Copy.jpg 379_-_Copy.jpg

In the evenings we usually get rain that lasts for about an hour. It really cools everything off and makes the nights very comfortable. Once and a while lightning also adds to the mix and we get some great shows over Panama Bay. The picture shows the cargo ships lining up to enter the Panama Canal with lightning giving everything some extra illumination.

And once again this week we walked to the fish market and picked up fresh shrimp, red snapper and ceviche. All combined to make a couple really delicious dinners. The fish monger is cutting the filets for us. He's missing a couple fingers. A tough business selling fish.024_-_Copy.jpg

Tomorrow were off to Punta Chame for the weekend. We plan to drive up to El Valle on Sunday just to check out the farmers market. It is suppose to be one of the best in Panama. The adventure continues...

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July 4th in Panama

Fireworks last night

semi-overcast 80 °F

It's not a holiday here in Panama.Everyone is working, traffic started bright and early and there was a cooling morning rain. Last night was our firework show. Lightning declared independence and lit up the sky. Most of it was in the distance over Panama Bay lighting up the cargo ships as they waited to enter the Canal.054_-_Copy__2_.jpg Sometimes the sky seemed red, white and blue as the lightning brust in the air.

The storm moved over the city later in the evening, mostly rain, but some lightning, which brought a different perspective. It was as if Gotham City was calling Batman.


The past two days we have explored the area a little more, walking to a fresh veggie and fruit market, finding a health food store, a sushi bar, and visiting the Trump Towers. A beautiful building with a great restaurant overlooking Panama Bay. Almost the same view we have from our condo. Walking about has its challenges; cracked sidewalks, open sewer drains, and dog pooooooop. It is everywhere, no one picks up after their pets and the signs are completely ignored. 006_-_Copy.jpg Watch your step is truly imortant here in Panama City.

Last night at 6pm my wife's website went live. Since commerical advertising is frowned upon on this site I can't share the link. However, if you are a little bit imaginative write down three w's, drkrysstine, and the appropriate com. Place periods in the usual spots. You'll find it. She's very excited about her window to the world. We've already found two misspelled words that will be fixed soon. No matter how many times things are checked and rechecked, read and reread, it seems something always get through the final inspection. Damn!

Have a great July 4th holiday!

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