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Carnaval in Panama City

Almost time to return to CONUS

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Our time in Panama is drawing to an end and we are already dreaming of a return trip. Our last night at the BOO, Coronado Bay Condos, was another potluck on the roof. There was a wide array of foods from organic popcorn to KFC. Yes, there is a KFC in Coronado as well as a Mickey Dees. Three couples were leaving on Friday morning, including us, so there were lots of good-bye wishes, hugs, email exchanges, and promises of meeting again somewhere on the road. There were a lot of like minded people in this group.IMG_4130e.jpgIMG_4140e.jpgIMG_4131e.jpg

On Friday morning we headed back to Panama City for three nights of Carnaval, aka Marti Gras in Panama. The city shuts down one of the main streets, Cinta Coasta and cordons off the area. This becomes the playground for the Carnaval . All the party goers enter thru police check points. You must show an ID to get in, the police check your bags and give you a patdown.IMG_4268e.jpg Once you are in the party starts. Beer, food, and music in mega doses abound. The sights and sounds are really no different than an American festival, except there is definitely a hot Latin/Caribbean beat. In the past there has allegedly been a lot of rowdy and criminal behaviorIMG_4286e.jpg but with a very large police presence the crowds were just having fun, music and dancing.

At dark the parade starts. The Carnaval Queen and her court, decked out in feathers and glitter, IMG_4314e.jpg IMG_4349e.jpgIMG_4321e.jpg ride huge floats waving and smiling to the crowd. Between the floats carrying the various queens, marching jazz bands, calypso dancersIMG_4338e.jpg IMG_4302e.jpg and a staggering group of intoxicated revelers entertain the crowd. The night ends with a great fireworks show that everyone seems to enjoy. IMG_4386e.jpg

We're glad that our last few days in Panama are during the Carnaval because the joy and happiness of the celebration keeps us from thinking about the sadness of leaving Panama.

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Happy Valentine's Day 2014

The Prom , aka "the flip-flop hop"

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Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Hopefully, you are with the one you love and can share the that great feeling. IMG_3431e2.jpg

On Wednesday, February 12th, a group of residents from our condo building got together for the first annual Flip-Flop Hop. The social area on the roof of the building was the home of the party. It was a bring your own everything, plus a side dish to share. Two large gas grills were set-up, one for meat and the other for fish and chicken. The side dishes were lined up on the bar, appetizers were place on appropriate tables and the chefs could cook at their leisure. The fragrances of cooking steaks, chorizos, red snapper, corvina and chicken awaken your senses.IMG_3439e.jpg

There were so many side dishes that it took two trips down the bar to sample everything. I believe the most favorite side dish was made by a woman from Manitoba, Canada. Twice baked mashed potatoes casserole with bacon chips, cheddar cheese, and some interesting spices. When Kryss asked me to get her a second helping of this dish, I knew it was definitely a hit. I don't know what it was called, but I call it Manitoba Mashers and want the recipe. Other great dishes included guacamole dip, pasta salads, brochette, tossed salad, and foods I can't remember.

Music was provided by one of the vacationing Canadian's from Toronto. Her playlist was excellent and all music genres were represented. The sound was pumped out of a very cool Bose speaker that could be heard all over the deck. There were boppers, strollers, slow dancers and girls only circle dances. The flip flop dancers rocked the roof.

At nine o'clock a select group of dedicated and bold pyro-maniacs proceeded to the beach and entertained the attendees and many others with a fantastic firework show, fuegos artificiales en espanol, IMG_3342e.jpgThe inexpensive cost of fireworks in Panama and ease of use make firework displays a favorite form of entertainment at the beach. After the show ended the music cranked up again and everyone partied on until it was time to leave the roof. A great time was had by all.IMG_3529e.jpgIMG_3525e.jpg

One of the unfortunate problems of dry season in Panama is fire. Even though we have enjoyed the various fireworks we've seen, one night last week we witnessed the forest fires in Panama, but from a safe distance. It's not just Colorado or the rocky mountain west that has issues with hot, dry, windy weather. IMG_3219e.jpgIMG_3214e.jpg

Have a great Valentine's Day and share your love with those you love.:)

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Old farts spar on bridge

Broncos hobbled

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The time speeds by when you are having fun and discovering new sites, tastes and sounds. We've been spending a lot of time looking at various condos in the area from Gorgona to Playa Blanco. Most have some compelling reason to draw the happy vacationer to their area or building. We visited a building in Nueva Gorgona that had the coolest floor plan, three bedrooms, a large balcony facing the ocean and the back bedrooms faced the mountains. Additionally, there was a half bath on the balcony. The major draw back to this cool place was the road and distance to get there. We would need a military equipped Hummer to make it up and down the road, pot holes to eat small children, rocks to crush tires, and you are pretty much isolated from the world. The realtors location, location, location warning is important at this place. No, we won't be renting there anytime soon.

Visiting the Playa Blanco area, we stayed there two years ago, led us to a J W Marriott development hidden away at the end of the road and surrounded by jungle, farmland, a golf course and ocean. A five star resort that is truly off the beaten path. Beautiful buildings, condos, apartments, hotel area, swimming pools and quiet beach. We spent an afternoon there enjoying one of the pools, drinking a occasional beer and eating nachos that were so filling we didn't eat dinner. A place to return to.IMG_3012e.jpgIMG_3017e.jpg

We went to El Valle with friends from Panama City. As the perfect tour guides, since they had been there many times and we had only been there once before, we had an excellent day. The village market is a fantastic starting place. Fresh fruits and vegetables from the neighboring farms. We stocked up on spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, etc., for about twenty bucks. After visiting the market we went up to Chorro El Macho (Manly Falls) with our tour guides and another couple from our condo building. The falls are a local attraction that is a short hike into the jungle/woods. Along the way you cross two suspension bridges that wobble and shake as you make your way to the other side. On the second bridge the other hikers were amazed to see Robin Hood and Little John battling it out with their long staffs for bridge supremacy. The contest ended in a draw when the build up of on-lookers started to get impatient. IMG_2883e.jpgIMG_2880e.jpg

Lunch was had at La Casa de Lourdes Restaurant. IMG_2901e.jpgA beautifully designed hotel and restaurant in a Tuscany style. The restaurateur is a very famous Panamanian woman who has hosted many interesting people throughout her career. On one of the bookcases in the lobby was a picture of her and the Shah of Iran. He stayed in Panama prior to coming to the USA and his eventual passing. Lots of old memories about that guy.IMG_2905.jpg

As the Denver Bronco primary cheerleaders in our condo building and having the largest deck in the building it was imperative that we host the Super Bowl party. It was a BYOE, bring your own everything, party. One of the partiers told me that she had counted 47 party goers on the deck. We had two 100 square pools, a $200 paying off each quarter and the final score and a $500 winner take all for the final score. My lucky pick brought me the fourth quarter and final score winning of the $200 pool = $110.00 bucks, plus I won $20 bucks in a smaller pool. Even though the Broncos remained in their stalls all night, I won few bucks:).IMG_3045e.jpgIMG_3044e.jpg

The next day started with God letting us know that he still loves the Broncos....an Orange and Blue sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. A beautiful sight to behold and photograph. Go Broncos.IMG_3062e.jpg

We're going to continue to look at various properties here in Panama. Hopefully, before we leave we'll have next year's place reserved. Panama may not be for everyone, but it works for us.

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