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June 2012

On the ground

Panama City arrival

overcast 82 °F



Gray skies

Gray skies

Yes, it is the wet season in Panama. Leaving the dry air of Colorado and stepping into the humid, damp, and rainy melieu of Panama was very moisturizing. The plane flight was very uneventful until the last forty minutes. We flew through some interesting clouds that not only provided some bumps but also a few pictures. The flight crew was ordered by the Captain to remain seated for the last twenty minutes prior to landing, but it turned out to be false alarm. The approach and landing were very smooth.

Flying over Panama Bay at night and in the rain provided some great visuals, but since we had to store our bags, etc for the anticipated rough landing no pictures. The tankers and container ships, lit up and lined up to enter the Canal, looked like a Los Angeles traffic jam with interesting water reflections.

Yesterday we completely unpacked, bought groceries, meet some locals and walked to a "Mexican" restaurant for dinner. Great food, even received the "desquento jubulio", the retirees discount of 25% for all our food. Beer, margaritas, vino tinto, no discount. Today we plan to walk the neighborhood, Panama Bay is right out in front of us, the Trump Tower is about six blocks away and very visable, the fish market, local pizza shop, and other haunts need to be discovered. Put on your walking shoes...

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Back on the road of Adventure


sunny 100 °F

Tomorrow we heading south. Back to Panama for another look around in this beautiful Central American country. We completely enjoyed our stay in Panama back in February so when the opportunity came to go again we decided to do it.

The house sitter is all set, Zoey (our dog) is back at the Aughinbaugh Spa in Lakewood having the time of her life. We're packed, but my camera gear is still spread all over the floor of my office getting cleaned and prepped. Boarding passes have been printed; we've been wait list to first class from Denver to Houston and already upgraded to first class from Houston to Panama City. Free drinks.

We plan of visiting Bocas Del Toros, the Kuna Indian area along the Caribbean side of Panama, the Darien area on the Pacific side of the country, and lots of smaller venues in Panama. If anyone has any suggestions of where else we should go let us know. We up for anything.

Currently it is over 100 degrees here in Fruita, CO and very very dry. The Colorado river is at a hundred year low. The front range of CO is a burning inferno. In Panama it is 85 degrees, raining daily, and humid. Obviously, a very different climate. We'll be praying for our friends on the front range while we visit our other friends in Panama.

Please return to this blog regularly. Pictures and verbage will flow freely for this adventure.

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