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January 2012

Drake Bay...reflections

Ylang Ylang...first impressions

overcast 80 °F

The Drake Bay Wilderness Resort is truly off the beaten path. A special thanks to our friend Steve G. in Grand Junction, CO for recommending this resort. The tranquility of the surroundings with mother nature´s extra added touch makes this place a very good memory. The staff was outstanding, mostly related one way or another, our cabins were always clean, the food delicious, the tours outstanding and of course a great place for chil-axing. If you need Vegas this is not your venue. If you want to get away from the everyday world, forget about everything, this is the spot. We'll be back.

After a water taxi ride to a taxi on the beach, to the Drake Bay airport,we boarded a eleven person single engine plane to San Jose. After a short wait we transfered to a 22 seat twin engine plane for our flight to Tambor. Another taxi and a hour later we were checking into Ylang Ylang.

When we got to our dome, Kryss cried. In Fiji it would be called a bure, here it is a dome. Sightly up a hill, about 50 feet above sea level, through the jungle looking to the beach. A beautiful view. YY specializes in natural healthy foods, chicken, fish, vegan, raw, sushi and no beef, but they´ve got a full bar. No Famous Grouse, but I´m getting by on Johnny Walker Red Label. If I need a cheeseburger, it´s just a ten minute walk into Montezuma.

Last night at sunset there were at least a dozen white faced monkeys swing and scampering on the vines and palms surrounding our dome.

A few issues with the local internet spot getting pictures loaded. Will try again on the next posting.

Pura Vida!

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Adios....Drake Bay

Hola Ylang Ylang

sunny 85 °F


Today is tough, John and Jean left this morning we are leaving in about an hour, so sad to go. This is one of the most beautiful spots we have ever visited. The resort is in the perfect spot for visiting the Drake Bay area. We've made new friends, shared great stories, hiked , an seen wildlife that was completely new to us.

On the 27th, travelling alone, no John, Jean or Kyrss, I went to Corcovado National Park with a small group of other travellers. We hiked in the park to the Sirena Ranger Station stopping along to way to see howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, macaws and tapir in the natural habitat. A lot of adventurous backpackers stay overnight at the Ranger Station in open air dorms or tents. Too many mosquitos, spiders, and other crawlers for my interest. The boat ride to and from the park was an hour and half. Both directions we were visited by spotted dolphins, but no whales. Kryss was on a hammock tour and John and Jean hiked to nearby waterfalls.

The 28th was a hammock tour day. Catching a few rays, early packing, making some internet reservations and making the decision to continue this trip until March 2nd. We're going to Panama on Feb 7th, but more on that later.

We will arrive at Ylang Ylang late this afternoon, so until then...via con Dios su amigos!

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Mangrove boat tour

Great day in the mangroves

sunny 85 °F


After yesterday´s butt buster, this was an easy way to see another part of Costa Rica. Six of us in a flat bottomed boat cruising up the Sierpe River. Wildlife in abundance! Outstanding scenery! Just to quickly list some of wildlife we saw: Yellow crowned night herons, green back herons, macaws, osprey, white ibis, igrets, blue herons, white faced monkeys, squirrel monkeys, toucans, caymen, American crocs, three toed sloths, and turkey buzzards.

Sitting in the boat photographing all the different species was great!

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Tico Trots or Gringo Gallops

A view from the saddle

sunny 83 °F

Don´t let the title fool you. Yesterday we went horseback riding. The trip was to be a half day along the beach and into the hills/jungle around Drake Bay. A four hour trip turned into a 5.5 hour butt busting, knee cracking, back breaking ride. Six aspirins, three scotchs, and ice bags on my knees brought full recovering. Cowgirl Kryss sat tall in the saddle and loved every clop of the way. Jean was in the same boat I was and Big John, the smart guy, went fishing.

However, setting aside the pain, the scenery was beautiful, the local history colorful, and the company was great. Along the way we came across a burned out shrimp boat on the beach. It seems that the Chinese, owners of the boat, didn't pay the Costa Rican workers. So Tico justice went to work. The boat was run a ground, striped of useable material and set on fire.

Another interesting piece of Tico justice was discovered in the hills. A piece of property owned by an abscent American had some small wood shacks and corral built on it. Our guide said that any landowner that isn´t on his property and working it needs to be aware of squatters. This land had squatters living, building, and breeding on the land. If the owners don´t show up and kick the squatters off, the land becomes the squatters. Just a word to the wise.

Big John's fishing trip was very successful. He caught enough fish to feed everyone at the resort for dinner. Big John is the King Fisher! We had bonita sushi, amberjack steaks (not American amberjack for you fisherpeople) and Wahoo. An excellent dinner.

Pura Vida!

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Meeting our neighbors

It´s a small world

sunny 86 °F


When you travel away from home you should always expect to run into someone you know, lives close to you, or might be related to your third cousin. Our Drake Bay cabin has three rooms in it. We (John, Jean, Bob, Kyrss) have rooms 20 and 22. For our first night 21 was empty. Yesterday, folks from Paonia, CO, owners of the Blackbridge Winery, moved in. Paonia is 80 miles from Fruita. Last night at dinner we met some more Coloradoans, a couple from Boulder and the wife graduated from good old BHS class of '71. Today we met a Montana couple who knows my sister and her son Ryan. I wonder who we will meet next?

The Drake Bay Resort serves meals family style, so when you sit down to eat you really get to know most of the people staying at the resort. Besides us gringos, there are Swedes and French, and a few other Americans from Georgia and Florida.

Today's trip to Cano Island and National Park was very enjoyable. It was about an hour ride in a flat bottomed 20 foot boat with everyone on the lookout for dolphins and whales. A school of spotted dolphins entertained us for about 10 minutes but the whales never appeared. Snorkelling around Cano was easy and the fish were plentiful, including two small sand sharks, an octopus, and blue star fish. On the island we had lunch with a third cousin of T Rex. He must have been quite the lizard...he was followed around by seven females of his species.

All is good....

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