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Quepos and Drake Bay

Making our way to the jungle

sunny 84 °F


As our time in Quepos started to come to an end we spent the last day hiking in Manuel Antonio National Park and cruising on a sunset dinner cruise. The park was great, lots of wildlife, toucans (see picture), lizards, hawks, racoons, and much more. Our guide was Roy Orozco, (check out his website, google him). What a great person, fantastic artist and guide. He spotted wildlife that others had missed and the other guides looked up to him all along the trails.

The sunset cruise was just our group. Twelve on the boat, cocktails, smooth seas, and great food. We came back to our casa and packed. A 6am pick up for Sierpe, CR.

The alarm went off and we headed to Sierpe, CR. In Sierpe we met the water taxi for an hour and half ride down the river, thru the mouth of the river and into the Pacific Ocean, along the coast line to the Drake Bay Wilderness Resort. (one of the pictures). We kicked back on our patio, enjoyed the sunset, sipped a few adult beverages and watched the stars pop out.

Today, we took the hammock tour. This is one of the resorts best ones. Lay in a hammock and do nothing. SIL Jean found a beautiful Conch Shell, that was still alive. She returned the shell to the ocean with some help from employees of the resort. Lots of photo ops here, hummingbirds, common blackhawks, large iguanas and macaws. Truly this is a wonderful wilderness spot.

Manana, Cana Island....

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The old man and the sea

Big John scores

sunny 84 °F

The day I took off from fishing, Big John landed a 10 foot, 600 pound blue marlin. In the sport fishing world this is a big deal. The last time John hooked a Blue Marlin he was 16 years old. So fifty years later he celebrated the feat again. I don´t remember who bought dinner and drinks but it was a great celebration. John claims that the luck of the boat changed for a number of reasons. There were only three guys on the boat plus the crew, every time John peed off the stern they caught a fish, four sailfish and one marlin and the that I wasn´t along to photograph the experience. Whatever the reason Congrats to Big John!

BIL Rich was on the boat and has a video of the catch so it will live forever...not just a big fish story!

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Fishing and Fun

Blue Skies, Smooth Seas

sunny 85 °F


The last two days we've been fishing about 30 miles off the coast of Costa Rica. The weather has been fantastic and as a novice fisherperson I would say it was good. My brother on the other hand, the expert fisherperson, might say it was a little slow. However, we caught five sailfish, one mahi-mahi, and had a brief encounter with a marlin. The expert crew of the Good Day Team helped us land our catch and then release them for another sportfisherman. Great system!

My wife and SIL, Jean, caught the mahi-mahi together. The fish hooked on both their lines. They reeled in our sushi lunch. An hour after it was caught the firstmate fileted the fish and we had sushi for lunch. Wasabi and soy sause were on hand. The same fish provided our dinner for two nights. BIL, Rich, was our chef and did a fantastic job.

One of the most interesting and entertaining parts of the past two days was the arrival of the huge school of spinning dolfins. They followed the boat for at least thirty minutes; spinning, twisting, and dancing in the waves. A very cool sight.

Today, day off from fishing. A little sightseeing, lunch in Quepos, girls shopping for the perfect whatever.

Pura Vida!

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On to Quepos, CR

From the Mountains to the Beach

sunny 83 °F


The departure from the Peace Garden and Lodge was uneventful. At 1pm on the 16th we met everyone at the San Jose Airport without complications. Everyone, all 14 of us, made it on time. Unbelieveable! The van picked us up and we headed to Quespos with plenty of cold beer, water, snacks, etc. Along the way we stopped to watch a dozen crocidiles basking in a river. We forgot to bring a chicken for their dinner.

Arriving at our Quepos residence we checked the place out and picked our rooms. Seven bedrooms,three kitchens, two jacuzzi tubs, one roof top whirlpool and a ground level swimming pool. From the top floor whirlpool and deck we have great views of the bay and sunsets. Pura Vida!

We had dinner at an Italian restaurant, firgure that one out, that was great! Plenty of wine, tasted like two buck chuck and the owner would not tell us the name. Probably made it in the back room. Returning to the Casa Miramar everyone retired early. Long travel day for most of the crew.

Tuesday brought out Dora the Explorer, visiting a beautiful beach in the Manuel Antonio National Park, a couple of condo sales sites, lunch (a cheeseburger in paradise), and cocktails at an outdoor restuarant watching the sunset. Dinner was at the Barba Roja, do not ever eat at that place. Totally over rated. Serves sucked, food was worse, and the bathroom was a disgusting mess. Thank God, for a nice glass of Scotch on our roof top deck to chilax for the evening.

Todo Tuanis!!!

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Three pair

rain 60 °F


This will be the third attempt at this posting. First one I deleted by mistake, second one we had a power surge and everything crashed.

Saturday was a great day. We learned some new Costa Rican expression: Toda Tuanis...all is good and chil-axing. Easy to figure that one out.
We hiked to the La Paz waterfalls. A beautiful site watching water cascade down the falls into a pool/stream in the middle of a rain forest. On the hike we saw hummingbirds that are at least twice the size of the ones we see in Colorado. One in particular was really different, black with purple, a three inch beak and white tail feathers. After the hike to the falls we returned to our room and spent some time chil-axing.

Sunday we visited the Poaz Volcano. It rained all the way to the volcano, rained as we hiked to the summit, rained as we peered over the edge, rained as we hiked down and continued to rain all day. The share our vision of the volcano, image this...you are standing in the middle of a dark gray cloud, rain is pelting you, the wind is blowing the hood of your jacket off your head and you are soaked to the bone. The only thing dry is my camera because it has a better rain cover than we do. Now you have seen as much of the volcano as we have. Our guide said that this is the transition season in the mountains from wet to dry season. We experienced the wet season through and through.

We returned to hotel, soaked in the hot hot tub, drank a few beers a few shots of Patron, room service dinner, and futbol. Toda Tuanis!

Today we meet the North Carolina crew for fishing and fun in Quespos. Adios amigos.

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